Artificial Intelligence’s Influence on Fishing

Forestville, WI (January 15, 2024) – Elon Musk professes that one of his greatest fears is A.I. being used for nefarious purposes, and ungoverned, it being a threat to humanity. (Think Skynet from Terminator.) Now nobody can say for certain that we’re heading down that path, but what we do know is A.I. can be an incredible tool for technological advancements.
A.I. is accelerating the speed of drug discovery and expected to ultimately find cures for illnesses and diseases. A.I. is improving the precision and efficiency of robotics used in manufacturing. The information provided by A.I. can improve general decision-making and accentuate problem-solving. And we’ve all seen the ideas and information that ChatGPT can sling around. (Buyer beware when it comes to misinformation and disinformation.)
So, how does, and will, A.I. influence fishing as it relates to professionals in the industry? For that answer, NPAA tapped Sid Dobrin.
Dobrin is Professor and Chair of the Department of English, University of Florida and is also one of the country’s foremost experts on artificial intelligence. Dobrin is also the author of numerous books, co-owner of, and is a an extremely knowledgeable saltwater and freshwater angler.
In Dobrin’s presentation he introduces some fundamental explanations about how A.I and GenAI work and how they might be deployed in various workplace settings in the fishing industry.
Pour a cup of coffee or crack a beer and watch Dobrin’s presentation from the recent NPAA Annual Conference In Fort Myers, FL.
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