Award-Winning Women’s Fishing and Outdoors Podcast Announces New 2024 Season

Award-Winning Women’s Fishing and Outdoors Podcast Announces New 2024 Season


Fort Myers, FL – February 13, 2024 - Master Captain Angie Scott, host of the Woman Angler & Adventurer Podcast, announces the change to a seasonal format in 2024. Listeners can expect exciting content with new and returning guests beginning in March.


Where to Listen: Every Episode will be published on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Amazon Music, and Listeners are encouraged to rate, review, and share the podcast to increase visibility.


When to Listen: Weekly Episodes will be released every Tuesday from March 5th to October 28th, 2024.


Upcoming Season Highlights:


• Bestselling author, Female swordfishing captain, and reality TV star, Linda Greenlaw shares riveting stories on her ability to push through any challenge and the life changing event of being portrayed in a feature film.
• Jeanine Blair of Fishanistas talks about her recent journey and the current challenges facing the industry regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.


• Highlights from the 2024 NPAA Conference Panel Discussion: Women Anglers Taking Their Passion to Profession.


• Updates and coverage from the 2024 LBAA (Lady Bass Anglers Association) tournaments as the season unfolds.


• And much more!!


Quote from Angie: “I’m really excited about the new format of the podcast. I feel like it’s going to help take it to the next level. By breaking it down into seasons, I will be able to focus on higher quality content and make the most out of each episode. I believe this change will help grow the audience and inspire even more women to get involved in fishing and other outdoor adventures.”

Recognition and Coverage:
 The Woman Angler won Best Outdoor Podcast 2023 and previous years at the Outdoor Media Summit, as well as multiple AGLOW and TOWA Excellence in Craft Awards. The National Wildlife Foundation included The Woman Angler & Adventurer in the top five Podcasts by Women Hunters and Anglers. Captain Angie will be featured on upcoming episodes of The Anglers Journal Podcast hosted by Charlie Levine and The Fishing Professor Rod Cast hosted by Sid Dobrin.
About The Woman Angler & Adventurer
The Woman Angler & Adventurer is an award-winning podcast dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and connecting women in the sport of fishing and the outdoors. Founded and hosted by USCG Licensed Master Captain Angie Scott in 2018, the Woman Angler and Adventurer has featured many prominent members from fishing and outdoor communities around the globe. The show reached 300 episodes in 2023 and is still going strong. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, or Amazon Music. For more information, visit or contact [email protected]
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